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                          is a search engine for goods and services for pets in e-shops. It brings together manufacturers, e-shops and services to help the customers find exactly what they are looking for. For stores, petgroot acts as a marketing platform -- we bring a significant share of customers and sales to our partners.


Independent rating of pet food

We have indexed the complete animal feed market and created an independent comprehensive product evaluation based on the latest scientific studies. We provide clear and comprehensible scores based on composition, meat content, analytics, processing method, additives, country of origin, transparent declaration, price-to-evaluation ratio and independent laboratory verification.

Appropriate feed evaluation is preliminary and does not express a final value that can still be changed.

                          provides intelligent product sorting -- our system adjusts the sorting of your products according to total sales. Products with better conversions will automatically advance, leading to an overall improvement in your campaign's performance.


We are real

partners for eshops

In addition to optimizing results and implementing our tools, we will also help you with marketing. You will appear on our social networks and other marketing channels and our individual support will be available to you.


We clearly categorize, filter and regularly promote your products. Customers can buy your goods from us in a complete catalog easily and clearly thanks to a number of technologies and tools developed especially for the online purchase of goods and services for pets.

We will load your products into the Petgroot platform. We load products simply based on your XML feed. The catalog cleverly sorts the products into the right categories and users can then filter the products according to many parameters.


You only pay for the results. From Petgroot, we bring traffic to your site using a pay-per-click (PPC) model. You only pay for customers who visit your site.

                          provides advanced product filtering - our internal solution helps the user to pre-select a product from the entire market catalog and then enter the concrete eshop with a clear intention to buy. Ideal for the pet goods and services segment. No additional campaign management costs. Affordable, min. cost-per-click from $ 1.10 / click.


Petgroot brings high quality customers

at a cheaper rate than anyone else.

                           brings more awareness about your shop, acquisition of new customers, your own price per click (PPC) and overall profit ​increase. Brand support among high quality customers. Technical and marketing support. Marketing and content cooperation. Suitable not only for e-shops, but also stone shops.


Created with love to animals


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