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Petgroot is: 

a search engine, aggregator, traffic provider, marketing platform, product price comparator, pet industry meta e-shop, pet owner community & pet food quality evaluator — all in one.

·    VISION   ·



To serve owners of 300 million pets on Petgroot — the widest selection of pet goods and services in Europe + run the largest pet owners community.

·    MISSION   ·



Improve the position of animals, empower consumers with  pet food rating and traffic them to e-shops at the most competitive price.

·    VALUES   ·



The animals are not things. We treat them equally as humans and dedicate 2 % of our income to animal welfare.

Appropriate feed evaluation is preliminary and does not express a final value that can still be changed.

We have indexed the full pet food market and created a product scoring based on the latest scientific studies. A clear score is provided based on composition, meat content, analytics, processing method, additives, country of origin, transparent declaration, price-to-quality ratio and independent laboratory verification.

Foodgroot provides intelligent product sorting -- our system adjusts the sorting of your products according to total sales. Products with better conversions will automatically advance, leading to an overall improvement in your campaign's performance.

Petgroot builds more awareness about your shop, acquisition of new customers, your own price per click (PPC) and overall profit ​increase. Brand support among high quality customers. Technical and marketing support. Marketing and content cooperation. Suitable not only for e-shops, but also stone shops.


Created with love to animals

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